We protect your inventory and help you close deals! Learn about our Video AI developed specifically for car dealerships.  Identify customers and gain valuable data to use in your sales and marketing strategy. 


Auto Dealerships

Auto Dealerships and car dealers can benefit from GoView Surveillance and Video AI services.  For new and used car dealers, losses due to parts theft such as wheels and catalytic converters can have a huge impact on the bottom-line profit of the business. Organized criminals are looking for easy targets and auto dealers have traditionally been a difficult category to protect - until now.

GoView Video AI provides additional benefits including consumer behavior analytics with heat mapping and traffic counts. You can gain valuable insights into the flow of traffic on your car lots so you can better position vehicles and maximize your product positioning. You can even use license plate tracking to identify VIP clients. Now you can know how often a visitor has been at your location or when a high value client arrives. You can have the same advantages websites have to identify a client so you can target your marketing approach for the highest possible conversion rates.

At GoView we utilize a 2 step process for Auto Dealers. 

Step 1 - We deploy a mobile surveillance unit to your location for 30-60 days. This allows you to move the trailer to multiple location to determine the best vantage point, and it also allows you to test the GoView system and service before you make a capital expenditure.

Step 2 - We install one or more pole mounted systems on your existing light poles. This  allows you to cover a larger area at a much lower cost. The pole mount systems provide the same technology (with lights and 2 way audio) as our advanced mobile trailers but are ideal for locations that have power and do not need the extreme portability of a trailer with solar panels. 

Other benefits include:
● Increase safety for customers and associates
● Alert staff when VIP clients enter the property
● Reduction in violent crime
● Deterrence of parking lot theft and vandalism
● Marketing tool to welcome customers after hours and provide information
● Create an ambiance by playing music over the PA system
● Log the license plate of every vehicle that enters and exits
● Ability to blacklist specific vehicles based on license plate
● Alert security to known criminals entering the property



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"I can’t say enough about how the guys at GoView go above and beyond to provide the best experience for their customers. The equipment and UI is top notch, and outperforms their competition in literally every way. After working with 3 of their competitors before I knew about GoView—I can confidently say that I will be using GoView mobile trailers for every one of our projects from now on." 

Jonathan O. - 7ten Development